Oscar [Peter Coyote] in Bitter Moon [Roman Polanski - 1992] about Mimi [Emmanuelle Seigner]: “She came to see me when I got out of intensive care. She said, there's bad news and there's good news. You're paralysed from the waist down. Ok, I said, let's have the good news. That was the good news, she said. The bad news is that from now on I'm taking care of you.”

Gordon Gekko [Michael Douglas] to Bud Fox [Charlie Sheen] in Wall Street [Oliver Stone – 1987]: “You have what it took to get into my office. The real question is whether you got what it takes to stay.”

Sonny [Al Pacino] to Leon [Chris Sarandon] in Dog Day Afternoon [Sidney Lumet - 1975]: “I´m with a guy who doesn´t know where Wyoming is. You think you´ve got problems?”

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